Outfit: Snakeskin Top and Leather Pants

  1. The weather has been so chilly. It sure is a great reminder for me that I should start unpacking most of my fall clothes.
  2. I randomly saw these two pieces from the mountain of my clothes. Both still had the tags on! Top is from Zara and leather pants are from Urban Outfitters.
  3. I finish off the clean look with fur bag from H&M (last season) and bracelet from T+J. Btw, I really like the bracelet because it's so simple and well made. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a simple gold bracelet.
  4. Snakeskin. Checked. Leather. Checked. Fur. Checked. Let's see what's next huh!
  5. If you like fashion, you'd more or less be influenced by trend. (color block, animal print, sequin, varsity jacket, etc) I love to push myself towards wearing basics and essentials. Once in a while, I like to play with trend as well. But to stay true to my style, one thing that I always remember is to not overdo it.
  6. They say when you please everybody you please nobody. This surely applies to fashion and style. ;)

I am dreaming of pumpkin spice latte and all the fall goodness. After all, it's my favorite season.

I spent my long weekend watching dramas. So relaxing! I wouldn't call it perfection yet as I am still lack of one full body massage!


Outfit: Neon Love

  1. Some old clothes from TopShop. It's quite funny to see that couple years ago, I was into all these body hugging pieces. But right now, I prefer clothes that are slightly looser, just because I feel more modern this way.
  2. These top and skirt are great for summer as the colors do match very well. Don't you think?
This might be my last neon outfit of the year because the beautiful fall is on is way. I am ready for more leopard print, snakeskin print, leather, fur and cashmere. Let's all be prepared and welcome its arrival. ;)


Outfit: Vintage Polka Dot Dress

  1. Look what I found from my closet - Vintage polka dot dress! 
  2. My apartment was in a mess so I decided to just wear this one piece dress for dinner. I also found this Burberry bag that I almost forgot I own it. So mixing patterns that's it - Polka Dot & Plaids.
  3. I actually don't own a lot of accessories because it's very hard for me to find stuff that I like. I don't like bling-bling I don't like things that are too complicated. I've been slowly collecting some accesories that I really love and I kept them in couple of the iPhone boxes. Unfortunately, I lost all of them while moving. I told myself... just accessories right.. what's so big deal, huh!
I usually like to share a little bit about my life here with you all but as for right now, I am just speechless. What a weekend. What a Monday morning. My life has changed and I will be strong. Everything happens for a reason!

To all my readers, I wish you all the best this week. The best thing that ever happened to me this morning was to see all the comments left on my blog post. Thank you!


Outfit: Polka Dot Top and Pink Skirt

  1. These pictures were taken before I trimmed my bangs. My hair was so messy huh!
  2. Striped top/sweater and pink skirt/pants seem like the popular combination! I decided to slightly break the rules by replacing striped with polka dot. So I wore this outfit to the Farmers Market last weekend.
  3. Both pieces are my own design. I am not really thinking of becoming a fashion designer. It's just that I am more inspired lately.

If you realize from the pictures, I actually designed a color suit. I wore them separately last week. But will definitely wear them together some time. Expect a pink lady

We are moving to the house this weekend. It's gonna be stressful yet excited. 

♥Happy Friday♥
Thank you all for reading.

Let's chat more soon. :)